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PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / January 2021 / Seniors deal with pain, stress, and anxiety more than any other population group. Not to mention, with aging comes significant health problems and discomfort.

Paul Turkavage and David Rosen of Dorsi Health have set out to fill the three trillion-dollar consumer spending market of longevity economy consumers and promote the usage of quality hemp-based products among the senior and middle age community.

While this is a step in the right direction for alternative medicine, the 2018 Farm Bill passing allowed brick & mortar stores to flood the market, leading to more confusion and intimidation for consumers trying to acquire quality products at justifiable prices.

Dorsi Health came into inception in 2018 and has since become an online beacon for consumers. The company’s premium products are now forging a permanent place in their customers’ homes.

Spending patterns have shifted into anti-aging products and health products, and something millennials are not spending money on. Dorsi Health has gone against the wave and catered to a mature crowd of consumers who are looking for a simple, quality product. Mainstream cannabis products are known to be frilly and futuristic, but Dorsi Health products come without all those bells and whistles, just results.

“We focus on the benefits our customers say they get by using our products, “much less pain, better sleep, less anxiety, and stress,” says David Rosen. “By carrying three purpose-built products – oil tinctures, roll-ons with menthol and camphor – along with our sleep capsules that have chamomile, Ashwagandha, and melatonin, we are really able to hone in on what CBD methods are most effective.”

Dorsi Health’s branding and marketing also reflects the fact that a majority of customers have not used cannabis before. The implementation of a lotus flower logo makes the Dorsi Health Brand appealing to a consumer who might not otherwise try the cannabis route at all. In many cultures, the Lotus leaf is a representation of self-regeneration, rebirth, and enlightenment. The holistic aspect is synonymous with the products at Dorsi, as the mission is to provide comfort, relief and wellbeing to consumers without the taboo and intimidation attached to cannabis related product packaging.

Dorsi Health CBD products are sold on multiple platforms, not just limited to online sales. While the online store generates most of the revenue and has reached customers in 46 states, the premium quality products are also sold at events and select retailers from their home state in Pennsylvania to Florida. With a community-based mindset, Dorsi Health is dedicated to supporting the local economy.

Retailers looking to increase their revenue can benefit from purchasing wholesale products from Dorsi Health as well. Dorsi Health’s retail ecosystem ranges from the traditional CBD shops to physical therapy offices and local pharmacies.

Products are thoroughly tested by third-party ISO accredited laboratories for potency and purity. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are updated on their website after each test, and participating retailers are provided point of sales educational brochures and COAs, both of which are easily accessible by a QR code placed on the package. With a global market for CBD expected to grow nearly $22 Billion within the next five years, Dorsi Health’s price match guarantee will remain intact. To fully stand by the effectiveness of their product, Dorsi offers consumers a full money back refund if they are not satisfied.

Dorsi Health is dedicated to providing 100% legal hemp-derived CBD products at 20-30% lower prices than other major brands. Quality and pricing play an active role when it comes to Dorsi Health’s product, affordability and accessibility does not mean lack of quality.

“When people hear the word affordable, they may think quality is sacrificed, says Paul Turkavage. “We have an efficient business model: Low overhead with no brick-and-mortar location, a direct to retail strategy, and we do not spend frivolously on product packaging which dramatically increases the cost of products which are typically passed on to consumers. With us you are getting a premium product without the premium price because of our business practices.”

CBD products at Dorsi Health are tailored to fill a void in the market, steering away from vapes, pre-rolls, and gummies. The market has been flooded with these items, so Dorsi is dedicated to streamlining products to be user-friendly and effective.

“One of the top products we sell are the Dorsi Sweet Dream capsules,” says Jen Marino from CBD Philly. “I highly recommend them for people looking for a great night sleep. I’ve turned many people on to them.”

David Rosen has well over 35 years’ experience in consumer product development, manufacturing, and sales. He was motivated to develop a CBD product after his elderly mother was seeking out alternative treatment through a medical marijuana dispensary. With no success, and traditional methods for pain not working, the experience was far from pleasant. She even stated, “I’d rather deal with the pain, rather than getting high,” as her system did not take well to the psychoactive effects of THC. The CBD market was flooded with less than stellar products, so by leveraging his product development experience he sought out to craft his own effective products.

Paul Turkavage has 10 years of experience with digital marketing and e-commerce. He has used topical CBD products for joint and muscle pain but realized it was a high-priced commodity, and most brands were not tailored to users who need them the most. While getting his MBA, Paul dove deep into pricing efficiencies and pricing strategies used by brands. Understanding that most CBD brands left a void in the market when it came to aging populations, and most companies exploited profit margins he decided to research about starting his own brand.

Paul and David combined their knowledge and passion for a better product at fair pricing and created Dorsi Health. With continued sales growth, product development, and strategic investments, they believe Dorsi Health will become a niche leader in the CBD industry.

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