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Rounding out our list is CBDistillery, which remains at the top of the CBD game year after year. CBDistillery offers its product in two simple but effective varieties: For its day-to-day CBD gummies, CBDistillery offers Relax, a tropical fruit-flavored 30 mg variety; for its nighttime blend, it offers Sleep, a mixed berry-flavored pack that contains melatonin. At $60 per 25-gummy bottle or $100 for two, CBDistillery is a little pricer but also stronger than most other CBD brands on this list, promoting itself for the serious CBD user.

It’s clear that CBDistillery is a company of people who really use and care about CBD, with their dosages and pricing coming out to what those who regularly take CBD look for. As more and more people are getting into CBD (and especially gummies), we look to CBDistillery as one of the top mainstays for 2021.

A final note about CBD

Although CBD gummies have grown in popularity, it’s always important to talk with your doctor before mixing it into your routine. While federally legal and available over the counter, the industry is still figuring out new things about CBD; as such, it could behave differently with your other medications or pre-existing conditions.

Another vital thing to consider is the type of supplier you’re buying the best CBD gummies from. While the companies we’ve listed above are sound, there are a lot of bad actors in the industry that try to sell bunk products or, even worse, products that could be harmful. Always do your research on a CBD company, including its origin, sourcing and even public lab reports. This will help you avoid companies that are selling “snake oil” products as long as you’re careful and thorough in your research.

Beyond these concerns, CBD can be a great product to plug into your routine, helping many people with a number of ailments. Stay safe, and take your CBD journey in stride to find your perfect long-term solution.

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