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Kate Anderson recalls the time when she first took, cannabidiol, or CBD, for her underlying anxiety.

“Prescription medication didn’t really work for me and I didn’t really know about the SunMed brand, which is the brand that Your CBD Store carries worldwide,” said Anderson, now the owner of the Willoughby location, 37812 Vine St.

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Your CBD Store in Willoughby strives to build a solid, transparent brand for its customers. For Kate Anderson, owner, it’s been a rewarding career to be in.

CBD is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis, according to Harvard Health Publishing. While CBD is a component of marijuana, by itself it does not cause a “high.” It’s commonly used to address anxiety.

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Your CBD Store in Willoughby strives to build a solid, transparent brand for its customers. For Kate Anderson, owner, it’s been a rewarding career to be in.

Before stumbling upon the SunMed brand, she was trying many different brands. Some worked better than others, she said, and in the process, she learned about quality.

“I lived in Pennsylvania and there was a Your CBD Store where I lived, and I actually started working there,” Anderson recalled. “I was passionate about the products and I learned more about CBD when I started working there.”

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Your CBD Store in Willoughby strives to build a solid, transparent brand for its customers. For Kate Anderson, owner, it’s been a rewarding career to be in.

Not only did Anderson find the help she needed, but she started to help others in need as her business journey progressed. For her, it’s been a rewarding career to be in, she said, even as a sales associate at the time.

“I’m from Lake County originally. I always wanted to come back,” Anderson said. “Ohio had passed the legalization of CBD, so I jumped on the opportunity and I opened the store. It’s helped my life so much. You get to see it help other people as well.”

Your CBD Store in Willoughby recently had its one year anniversary and employs three. While the novel coronavirus slowed business for a few months, it had a better turnout over the summer.

“People were starting to realize we were there,” she said. “We try to provide a safe environment for everyone.”

All walks of life have come through the store’s doors, from people in their 20s with chronic pain, inflammation, depression or mostly anxiety to middle aged people who are struggling with the same.

“The nice thing about our store is that it’s never really crowded,” Anderson said. “We’re able to help each individual person thoroughly and figure out what they need.”

Your CBD Store has a diverse product line, Anderson said, from oils that are applied to the tongue, water solubles that are faster acting and great for people who struggle with anxiety, gummies, vapes, a product line for pets and an award-winning pain cream.

The topical cream won an award in 2019 for being the best CBD pain relief product on the market, Anderson said. The store also carries bath bombs and honey sticks.

“When people come in, our goal is to educate them,” Anderson said. “Most people have an open mind. We do have customers who are nervous. It can’t get you high. It’s not marijuana and that’s something that’s a common misconception, but I think it’s slowly working its way out and people realize what CBD is.”

Every single product is third-party lab tested before it comes into the store, Anderson said. The store’s oils recently received a USDA certified organic label and are also involved with two studies with the FDA. With other brands of CBD, it can be like the “Wild West” because people don’t really know what they’re getting at a gas station or other places alike, she said.

“It’s very deceiving. You could get it from somebody making it in their basement,” Anderson said. “It can be a really uncertain industry and people are duped a lot, so our modo is full transparency from what is in the bottle and all of the testing that goes into it.”

Anderson’s end goal is to have the products at Your CBD Store be everyone’s go to brand, she said. Future decisions are being taken day by day, she said, but bringing quality CBD to Lake County is a top priority.

“We’re putting all of the work into it to be the best brand to offer people, as far as quality goes,” Anderson said. “My personal goal with it — educate. That’s what I’m really passionate about, that’s why I opened it. I’ve never found something I am this passionate about and it’s changed my life, and I really want to help other people change their life.”

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