Magic mushrooms, marijuana and sex ed: What to look for on 2020 ballots

Tuesday’s election isn’t all about Trump vs. Biden.

Voters in 32 states and the District of Columbia will also have their say on 120 local ballot measures — including legalizing the use of “magic mushrooms” as a therapeutic drug and giving consent to recreational use of marijuana.

Oregon, where weed is already sold legally, is considering whether to allow the regulated medical use of psilocybin, a hallucinogen more commonly known as magic mushrooms.

Supporters point to evidence that the chemical could have positive effects for patients with mental health issues. While some Democratic lawmakers back the measure, the American Psychiatric Association opposes it.

“We are concerned about determining medical treatment by ballot initiative. Such treatment should be evidence-based and determined solely by professional standards of care,” the psychiatrists’ trade group said.

“Science does not yet indicate that psilocybin is a safe medical treatment for mental health…

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