Animal Face Pre-Rolled Joint Review Feat. Medicine Of The Angels

What’s good, everybody? It’s JayPing here with another West Coast Weed Tour review. So on this particularly beautiful day in L.A., I traveled to the MOTA dispensary, aka Medicine of the Angels. This place sells amazing cannabis and also grows its very own. This is great because today, I will review the Animal Face pre-rolled joint by MOTA.

As to not confuse, the Animal Face Pre-Rolled Joint comes in a 3-pack of mini joints. These awesome little bangers contain 23.27 THC and 27.11 total cannabinoids–not bad. The $20 joints seemed high-priced, but, MOTA takes care of their customer base with a second visit discount, which is much appreciated for stoners who want to try out new items without the pain in your wallet.

Animal Face Pre-Rolled Joint Review Feat. The MOTA Dispensary - LA

Before I even open the pack, I notice the phrase “Elevate consciousness and promote wellness” on the packaging. If that type of expression doesn’t set the mood for the whole experience, I don’t know what could. Vibes all around.

Meanwhile, I can definitely vibe with the great smell that pops up upon opening the plastic tube that houses it.

You guys know the rules. One hit, talk about it. The second hit, I decide on the final score.

I light up my mini joint and take a puff. The terpenes came in nicely; gassy, earthy, and piney flavors all meshed together in sync with my first rip.

The hot white ash encouraged my second hit, and I may have hit too hard out of excitement. My joint started canoeing, and the wind didn’t help that situation at all. But I’m not going to fault it for that since I was ripping it so hard. I really liked this pre-rolled joint, but as I continue smoking, I notice the joint may be too small, after all. MOTA, I love y’all, but this pre-rolled joint 3-pack might need more cannabis in it.

With this being one of my West Coast Weed Tour 2020 reviews, I highly recommend that all of you watch my official review video below so that each of you can get a more in-depth perspective of my entire experience.

In these review videos, I talk about the appearance, flavor, price, smell, burn, after-taste, and give the product an official score out of 100 points. For this video, I gave a score out of 10 since it was part of my Joint Effort pre-roll review series, and then used that number to scale it out for the West Coast Weed Tour competition rating system.

Check out my video review below!

If you don’t want to watch and hear my thoughts on the products, scroll down and skip ahead to read the scorecard at the bottom of this post. Each of the products we review on the WCWT is also featured on our website as well as the Respect My Region Instagram and Youtube.

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When I smoked my mini Animal Face pre-rolled joint, I immediately detected its classic flavor profile. For its size, the joint hits the mark in terms of terps, burn, and high.

The only thing I would change is the amount of cannabis in the product. I think it’s a better deal to have a gram and a half of cannabis split between 3 mini joints. In my opinion, that would have been a better bargain for the $20 price. But overall, my score will reflect on the great things about this cannabis product, so check out that final score below.

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