Amco Review of Black Cherry Og by NSM in N2 pack

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Black Cherry Og genetics are a little bit folklore and a little bit rumor. Kens Og X a phenotype of the Grand Daddy Purp is thought to be where this flower gets is parentage. It is a Indica dominate that I have reviewed before but not from House of Cannabis or from the N2 packing. It was last reviewed in May of 2020 lets see if our Amco High Opinion has changed.

The Look

The blue and gold lable on the nitrogen packed container looks artsy. The label has 2 QR Codes on the lid.Scan the left code and it will give you a pdf file of the lab reports of the strain. The right Qr label is for the Seed to sale tracker number.This Strains coloration is beautiful. A Medium green hue broken up by patches of crown royal purple splotches and brightly colored pistils. Amco High Opinion of 9 CODE 420amco

The Smell

The tale tale fuel notes of the OG strains are most noticeable to me on this 1/8th sample I picked up at House of Cannabis in Little Rock. Seems to me the sent seems to strengthen with more time out of the nitrogen container. There is a minimal amount of fruit sent but I wouldn’t say it smelled like cherry’s at all. Amco High Opinion on smell is a 7.

Most Amber Tricombs i have seen this far

The Cure

Black Cherry OG has more Amber trichomes then any other sample I have reviewed thus far. I’d lean toward the 30% Amber ratio, if I had to guess. I also notice the harvest date of 7/27 and the test date 8/17 so there putting a little longer cure on this strain then last review of this strain. The cure is a solid 10 of 10.

Thanks to OCB for sponsoring this review

The Taste

Wrapping a half gram sample in a OCB Virgin 1.25 rolling paper and prepare to test my taste buds. A mixture of taste come to mind on the inhale, Mercyne skunk notes tangled in a earthy dank Lemonion flavior. I’m picking up a hint of linolool as well giving it a stubble floral exhale. Since I can’t taste a cherry hint. 8 for Amco High Opinion on Taste.

!/8th Flower

The Effect

The Thc level on this flower is a little less the 17% but she hits above that weight class do to the amber trichomes. This mature of a flower is beneficial to the body effect. Muscle Relaxation was achieved in only half a joint. Nerve pain was reduced by about 4 points with the use of this half gram sample. Amco High Opinion of 9 on effect .

Overall that a Amco 8.6

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