Estes Park Election Could Finish Marijuana Enterprise Ban


A December election in a single of Colorado’s most heavily visited tiny towns could approve permitting marijuana dispensaries and industrial expanding operations inside its borders.

Residents of Estes Park — a town of about six,000 folks that feeds, lodges and entertains lots of of Rocky Mountain National Park’s three million guests each and every year — will vote on a ballot measure December 10 that would finish the nearby government’s ban on industrial marijuana. The town has under no circumstances permitted health-related or recreational marijuana companies, but that would alter if Ordinance 23-19 is authorized.

The measure proposes building 4 various cannabis small business licenses: health-related dispensaries, health-related cultivations, recreational dispensaries and recreational cultivations dual-licensed grows or dispensaries functioning with each would also be permitted. There would be just 3 licenses issued in each and every category, and the ordinance would not permit the companies to be situated in Estes Park’s downtown small business district about Elkhorn Avenue, or inside 1,000 feet of any key education schools.

Letters to the editor of Estes Park’s nearby newspaper, the Estes Park Trail Gazette, show a handful of retired residents strongly opposed marijuana companies in 2017. A faction to defeat the initiative, Estes Park Citizens Opposed to Legal Marijuana Outlets, has spent $two,400 on campaigning, whilst two separate groups have spent a tiny below $four,000 in assistance of the measure. (Neither the Estes Park Citizens Opposed to Legal Marijuana Outlets nor the EP4MJ Committee, the biggest monetary donor in assistance of the measure, replied to requests for comment.)

Marijuana sales are not permitted in Estes, but that does not cease retailers from attempting to profit off the plant.

Thomas Mitchell

A stroll along Estes Park’s small business district shows that lots of nearby companies are not shy about advertising Colorado’s reputation for a genuine Rocky Mountain higher shops stock candy, cookies and T-shirts that are green or decorated with leaf shapes, along with a lot of goods that reference the state’s skunky reputation. None of the meals goods are infused with cannabis, although.

Even if Estes Park legalizes industrial pot, possessing or consuming cannabis at Rocky Mountain National Park will nonetheless be illegal, as the park is on federal land.

Although an rising quantity of towns in the Denver metropolitan region have voted to permit industrial marijuana inside their borders considering the fact that 2012, when recreational pot was legalized, smaller sized and extra secluded towns have not accepted retail weed at the identical price. Voters in Loveland, for instance, rejected marijuana dispensaries in November, maintaining the town amongst the majority of Colorado localities that nonetheless ban pot companies.


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