Kiva Launches Rapidly-Acting Edible in Time for Thanksgiving


It is officially that time of year and whilst you may perhaps be rolling your eyes at but a different vacation-themed solution release, your taste buds may perhaps want to hear this 1 out. 

Kiva Confections has introduced a restricted-edition, cannabis-infused Turkey Gravy. The psychoactive effects of Kiva’s Turkey Gravy kick in as small as two-15 minutes—unlike standard infused edibles which can take up to two hours—providing the user with vacation joy way prior to the turkey’s tryptophan tries to steal the excellent vibes. Every single-serve packet of gravy mix is infused with 10mg of THC. Other components incorporate turkey stock, salt, onion, and garlic.


“The gravy solution is created with cutting-edge technologies that bypasses edibles’ commonly lengthy trip by way of the liver, alternatively absorbing into the soft tissue and stomach,” Scott Palmer, co-founder and chief executive officer at Kiva told mg

Kiva Cannabis Gravy mgretailer-1

Kiva is not the 1st corporation to make an try at a quick-acting edible, but Palmer feels they have gotten the formula just suitable.

“Most other firms who have explored quick-acting technologies have employed nanotechnology particles to speed up the method,” Palmer mentioned. “While the nano molecules employed in these edibles are little, they are huge compared to the individually-encapsulated molecules employed in this strategy. Not only are they isolated from other molecules they may interact with, they are little sufficient to be absorbed straight into the body’s endocannabinoid receptors—one molecule at a time.”

Currently in the spirit of the holidays, Palmer mentioned an infused gravy was a enjoyable way to showcase Kiva’s exceptional strategy to edibles.

“We have a passionate group driven to innovate in this market and discover novel approaches to cannabis and edibles,” Palmer mentioned. “We seriously reside and breathe innovation at Kiva. It is in our DNA. We knew we wanted a playful way to announce our foray into the use of quick onset technologies in our solutions. So with tongue planted firmly in cheek, we developed a enjoyable, but sophisticated way to elevate your Thanksgiving table, infused Turkey Gravy. And whilst some may perhaps contact us crazy, we hope they maintain an open thoughts and come to the table with an empty stomach.”

In December, Kiva plans to launch a cannabis-infused, premium hot cocoa for the vacation season using the similar quick-acting technologies.

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