WTF Is Bhang and How Do You Make a Banging Cup of It?


One particular of the coolest techniques to get lit is by drinking weed. When ready appropriately, cannabis-infused drinks taste awesome, and a lot of folks obtain that weed drinks kick in more rapidly and additional regularly than consuming a complete, wealthy dish infused with THC.

Bhang, which hails from India, is the oldest documented weed-infused edible recognized to historians. Its initial mentions pop up in holy Hindu texts a thousand years ago, but the recipe has possibly been about for significantly, significantly longer. 

The word bhang is also synonymous with cannabis in India, and there are quite a few twists on this time-honored recipe. For instance, the recipe we’ll cover right here is the fundamental, brass-tacks version of bhang, an infused creamy drink with the consistency of hot chocolate. You can also obtain other variants of bhang, such as bhang lassi, which is fundamentally a thicker, even creamier version with a yogurt and butter mix as the key base rather of milk. There’s also bhang thandai, which is spicier and nuttier than the fundamental version.

So what, precisely, is bhang? It is a drink created from marijuana mash, milk, spices, and a sweetener such as honey or sugar. And yes, if ready appropriate, you can get lit like a Holi festival off just one particular cup. You will obtain one particular of the simplest recipes for bhang beneath. 

Note: As opposed to the awesome writer for our “Baked to Perfection” series, Carly Fisher, I’m not attentive adequate for particular measurements when I prepare any recipe. I’m one particular of these wing-it variety kitchen chemists, so pick your measurements (and components) primarily based on your personal preferences, dietary restrictions, tastes, resource limitations… and nearby laws.

Step One particular: Collect Your Components and Supplies

To make bhang, you will want:

  • A mortar and pestle (or anything equivalent get inventive, MacGyver)
  • A major mixing bowl (ceramic is preferred, but something that can manage heat and friction will do)
  • A fine but tough strainer such as muslin or cheesecloth (only barbarians would use paper coffee filters right here)

For components, you will want:

  • Dried and cured weed flowers (the classic recipe also utilizes weed leaves, but these are not normally readily available at dispensaries)
  • Milk (complete milk is finest, but even 1% is fine)
  • Water
  • Ground anise
  • Ground cardamom
  • Ground fennel
  • Ground ginger
  • Garam masala
  • Powdered cinnamon (optional)
  • Powdered cloves (optional)
  • Rosewater
  • Honey (or sugar, if you do not thoughts straying from tradition)
  • Chopped almonds and/or pistachios (if you wanna be additional fancy)


Here’s How to Place It All With each other to Make Some Magic Take place

  1. Bring adequate water to a boil so you can submerge your weed flowers (and leaves, if you are adding these). When it is boiling, eliminate the pot from heat and add the plant material.
  2. Let the weed soak in the water for about five-10 minutes.
  3. Strain out the water from the weed with muslin or cheesecloth. Set the water aside you will use it later.
  4. Transfer the wet weed to the mortar and pestle. Add a couple of teaspoons of warm milk to the wet weed. You do not want to drown the weed in milk, you are just adding adequate so we can squeeze it out in a second.
  5. Grind the milk and cannabis with each other till it creates a paste. 
  6. Strain the milk from the paste with your strainer. 
  7. Preserve adding tiny amounts of milk to the weed paste and straining till you have got about a half cup of strained milk. Set the strained milk aside, because you will want it later.
  8. If you are such as almonds and/or pistachios, toss these into the mortar and pestle’s mash. Grind it all up, and repeat Methods five-7.
  9. Combine the strained water from the boiling actions with the strained milk. Add rosewater, spices, and honey to the liquid mix. (And be cautious with some of these spices, as they can be extremely potent, even in tiny half-teaspoon amounts.)
  10. Voila! You have got a hearty cup (or 10) of bhang to impress your good friends and to retain you toasty through the holidaze season.


A Word on Decarboxylation!

You may possibly have noticed that the classic recipe listed right here skips an vital step — if you are attempting to get elevated, that is.

If you want your bhang to give you a buzz, you will want to activate the THC in your cannabis initial. Water tends to make up the bulk of bhang, and because water can never ever get hotter than 212°F (100°C), it’ll never ever get hot adequate to activate the THC by boiling alone.

To activate the THC in your cannabis, comply with our handy decarboxylation guide right here at MERRY JANE. The decarb step will be the really initial step for generating your bhang if you go this route. When the weed is heat-activated, comply with the rest of the recipe, and you must be very good to go!

Just retain in thoughts that edibles take longer to kick in than smoking weed, and they normally hit significantly tougher than smoking, also. So, as usually: Begin low, go slow, and sip responsibly.

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