What is a Gas Mask Bong? How Do You Use 1?


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Possibly you have noticed a single on YouTube. Possibly you just heard about it at a celebration. Possibly you believed it was a joke. But the gas mask bong is a actual point and you could possibly just uncover it is a single of the finest hitting pieces of gear you have ever attempted. Assume about it. Combining the airtight technologies of the gas mask with the cooling impact of a water bong suggests you are not only in a position to inhale extra smoke but none of it is going to escape either. The gas mask bong is also just a cool collector’s item to have about the property – assume of it as wearable art for cannabis connoisseurs.

So What Precisely is a Gas Mask Bong?

A gas mask bong is just what it sounds like. It is a actual bong attached to the mouthpiece of a actual gas mask. The complete contraption is strapped to the head of the user so that their hands are no cost to fire up the bud. The bong itself can be produced out of lots of distinct components, which includes plastic, glass or even metal but the gas mask is commonly produced out of rubber. Though lots of people today make their personal gas mask bongs, you can now order them on the web from a range of distinct retailers. Yes, for actual!

How Do You Use 1?

Working with a gas masking bong is effortless, even though it is also a bit of an adventure. The 1st point you want to do is strap it to your head so that the mask is centered properly and snug on your face. This may possibly take adjusting the straps, or moving it about till you uncover its most all-natural match. Now you want to fill the bong about a quarter to a thirds way with water, just adequate that it entirely covers the finish of the stem that reaches down from the bowl. 

Make confident the bong is tightly attached to the gas mask – this may possibly imply screwing it on, or it may possibly imply locking it into location by a further suggests based on the model of the gas mask bong. Subsequent, make confident the bowl is effectively and securing attached to the finish of the bong. You do not want that to fall off just when items are receiving hot!

Final but undoubtedly not least, pack up that bowl with some higher-high quality green bud and fire her up! You want to inhale as substantially smoke as you can for the optimal impact. If you do not get rid of the gas mask bong correct away, you can also do some recycling by exhaling back into the gas mask and then inhaling it back down into your lungs – its an immediate hotbox! Just make confident you are receiving some oxygen in there as well.

What are the Benefits to a Gas Mask?

Though it may possibly appear type of gimmicky, there are basically quite a few extremely robust positive aspects to applying a gas mask bong to smoke marijuana. The most apparent of course is that it is a excellent way to conserve some weed and get a greater bang for your hit than a conventional bong or joint, as you are in a position to use extra smoke with the gas mask than nearly any other approach of smoking. But a further benefit is that you do not even have to location your mouth on a mouthpiece or side of the bong, so it is extra hygienic. Due to the fact the gas mask types an airtight connection, as quickly as you merely inhale the air is funneled up the bong stem and correct into your lungs.

How to Make Your Personal

If you are prepared for a exciting DIY project, you can make your personal gas mask bong in as tiny as an hour or two, even though it does need some fundamental ability with tools. The 1st point you want to do is get a decent high quality gas mask, like from an army surplus retailer or on the web. Appear for ones with a filtered vent hole that is roughly the size of the bong pipe that you want to use. If the gas mask has other vent holes you will want to take them out or block them, otherwise, your gas mask bong will not be airtight. For this cause, the form of gas mask with just a single central vent hole is your finest bet.

Now you will want to anchor the bong pipe to the gas mask in a way that tends to make a safe seal that not only is going to maintain air from escaping but is going to avert the pipe from coming unattached if you let go. Though electrical tape can be utilized for this, a greater approach would involve some drilling and the use of seals that can be tightened to a locking position. You can uncover these forms of seals in the plumbing section of a hardware retailer. Ultimately, attach your downstem pipe and bowl and reduce a tiny-carb in the side of the downstem. You are now prepared to rock and roll!

Who Invented the Gas Mask Bong?

That is a excellent query. And we are afraid that the genius who place a gas mask and a bong with each other will under no circumstances genuinely get the credit they deserve. But we can inform you that the gas mask was invented in 1849 by Lewis P. Haslett. It was utilized in battle to filter out chemical substances utilized in warfare and by the 1st globe war (WWI), it was normally issued to U.S. Soldiers facing the Germans as the use of poison gas was becoming a common tactic of the Axis forces.

The bong has a entirely distinct story, born of peaceful activity as an alternative of warfare. Now the water pipe is an ancient invention and has a lengthy history of documented use in China, India and other Asian civilizations. But the modern day bong was basically invented correct in Washington State by Cameron Tower, a glass artist. Soon after following the Grateful Dead for years and becoming completely immersed in cannabis culture, Tower decided to study glassblowing and launch a profession as a pipe maker. He played about with the classic water pipe designs till he created the single piece bong with its lengthy upright stem, the exact same bong style utilized all more than the globe these days.


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