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CBD sometimes seems just as expensive as it is popular. Come check out these top CBDfx products under $50 to get the most out of your CBD experience!

CBD can get pricey when you buy products from certain companies, but not here! Here at CBDfx, we understand that you want more high-quality products for a lower cost, and that’s exactly what we strive to provide for you. Whether you’re looking to purchase tinctures, gummies or hemp creams, our products offer exceptional potency at a margin of the cost of some other brands. Here are a few of the top products under $50!

You all loved our original CBD balm so much that we decided to follow it up with a whole line of new options. Our CBD Muscle Balm is one of the most successful of the bunch, and CBD aside for a moment, it only contains natural, organic ingredients that are sure to improve your quality of life. As always, we only use the best non-GMO ingredients in our CBD Muscle Balm, and this oil-based CBD topical is boosted with natural, soothing substances such as camphor and wintergreen.

You’ll love applying your CBDfx balm post-workout or after a strenuous day at work. This 150mg CBD balm is the perfect size for travel, meaning that a serving of CBD is at your fingertips at all times.

Product details

  • CBD-infused sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, and shea butter balm
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Boosted with tocopherol, peppermint oil, camphor oil, and wintergreen oil
  • 150mg broad spectrum CBD oil
  • $39.99

Blue Raspberry is our top CBD vape juice flavor, and we’re proud to announce that this CBDfx vape product just received its 300th positive review on our website. Whether you want to use 5mg, 150mg or some other amount of CBD throughout the day or week, our Blue Raspberry vape juice option is sure to satisfy your needs.

You can get your Blue Raspberry vape juice or any other CBDfx e-liquid flavor option in either by itself or as a six-pack. Only our 250mg and 500mg options are under $50, but keep in mind that you can save even more over time if you get higher-strength options in larger quantities. If you love our Blue Raspberry vape juice anywhere near as much as you love vaping, we recommend investing for the long haul.

Product details

  • 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg of CBD
  • $29.99, $44.99 and $74.99, respectively
  • Organically-grown, CBD-rich hemp oil
  • Works great with CBDfx Mini Vape Kit
  • Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavoring, cannabidiol (CBD)

best CBD vape oil

CBDfx gummy bears have become something of a legend. It wasn’t long ago that there were hardly any natural or organic CBD gummy options on the market, but CBDfx has come to the rescue with a delicious, edible CBD option that even the pickiest toddler couldn’t turn down.

With CBDfx, you know that you’re getting the best CBD oil in the world, as well as a host of other delicious ingredients. We grow and extract our own hemp and promise to never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in our handling of the plants. None of our products contain genetically modified ingredients, and that goes for our gummies as well. You can choose to enjoy 300mg per bottle of delectable, bear-shaped CBD goodness by yourself, or you can share with your family and loved ones.

Product details

  • Sweetened with organic cane syrup and tapioca syrup
  • Natural flavors
  • Colored with natural tomato extract
  • 5mg CBD each/60 gummies per bottle/300mg CBD total
  • The most natural CBD gummy on the market
  • Over 500 five-star reviews
  • Also available in Spirulina and Melatonin options
  • $49.99

Our disposable CBD vape pens have been a hit since day one, and when we announced that we planned to offer vape pens boosted with cannabis terpenes, the reception was overwhelmingly positive. Terpenes are what give particular strains of cannabis their distinct tastes and aromas, and it’s possible to reconstruct the aromatic profiles of cannabis phenotypes by mixing the right ratios of terpenes.

Our Pineapple Express CBD Terpenes Vape Pen tastes exactly like the legendary cannabis strain but with none of the THC. Instead, each CBDfx Terpenes vape pen contains broad spectrum CBD, and when boosted with extra terpenes, the spectrum of cannabinoids and other cannabis constituents in your CBDfx PG/VG vape juice becomes even broader.

Product details

  • 50mg of CBD per pen
  • Broad spectrum cannabidiol extract
  • Terpene profile mimics Pineapple Express cannabis strain
  • $19.99

best CBD vape pen

Everybody loves the way that quick and simple topicals feel on their skin, which is why we decided to create these affordable CBD face masks for the enjoyment of our customers. From your first mask onward, you’ll find that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of tearing open your CBD face mask, taking off the backing, and applying it to your face for 10 minutes.

Whether you want a CBD face mask with lavender right before bed, a CBD charcoal face mask for tackling those blackheads, or an aloe vera mask for total relaxation, this five-pack variety bundle has what you need. Keep all your masks to yourself or share them with family and friends. Either way, you’ll only be spending $30 on this super-savings bundle.

Product details

  • Bundle with all 5 CBDfx face masks
  • CBD Cucumber Face Mask, CBD Lavender Night Time Face Mask, CBD Charcoal Face Mask, CBD Face Mask – Rose, and CBD Aloe Vera Face Mask
  • Save $5 by bundling
  • Great for gift bags or guest bathrooms
  • $29.95

CBD doesn’t have to be expensive with CBDfx

CBDfx products only include organic or natural ingredients. From our flavored CBD vape juice to our CBD gummy bears, all the products you’ll find at are 100% vegan. A third-party, independent firm provides lab testing for each batch of CBDfx products, which equips you with up-to-date information you can access at or by scanning the QR code on your product packaging.

If you run into trouble at any stage of the ordering process, we’re here to help. It’s our top priority to get our organic, high-quality CBDfx products to your door as soon as possible; your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Fill your cart with the five products we’ve linked above to get incredible cannabidiol product value today, and use CBD coupon code “blog10” to save 10% more on your purchase.


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