The highlights of receiving paid to overview marijuana


Columnist Frank Cerabino is unquestionably not auditioning as a marijuana reviewer

News item: American Marijuana, an on the web resource for healthcare marijuana, is hunting to employ a marijuana reviewer.

The reviewer would be paid $three,000 per month to test a box of cannabis goods sent to his or her household. The reviewer will test all the goods and create weblog posts and do video testimonials about them.

Applicants need to have “extensive understanding of marijuana”, be more than 18, physically capable to smoke each and every day, and reside in a state exactly where healthcare marijuana is legal.

American Marijuana says it is not hunting to employ a recreational smoker.


Dear Dudes:

You are not the cops, are you? You positive? Is this e-mail getting traced? I hope not.

Anyway, I’m writing about your search for a marijuana reviewer.

Very first of all, I want to assure you that I am not interested in this job.

I am an upstanding member of this neighborhood who is revered by all — OK, perhaps 15 % of all — and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize the future of my profession by moonlighting as a modestly-paid stoner.

Lots of folks who study me currently inform me “You will have to be higher,” so I do not want to give them any additional ammunition than they currently have.

Plus, I do not like gummy candies, and the organic state of my lungs is verklempt, even without the need of smoking.

That getting mentioned, I just have a teeny query.

So how massive is this box of marijuana you send to your reviewer each and every month? Just curious. Practically nothing but curiosity.

I imply, are we speaking the size of a Significant Mac box, or the size of 1 of these 12-roll Bounty paper towel packages from Costco?

I guess what I’m receiving at is no matter if immediately after all the testing and sampling is accomplished there will be adequate leftover item to sell … er, um … I imply to share with pals? It is the vacation season, immediately after all.

As soon as once more, not for me. Asking for a pal.

Yes, in case you are asking yourself, I would technically be eligible for the job mainly because I reside in Florida, which legalized healthcare marijuana in 2016.

And positive, I do have far additional writing knowledge than just about all the other applicants you are bound to get. Not that I’m a candidate.

I am not applying for the job, mainly because I am higher on life. And from time to time charcuterie.

And so although I do have an superb vocabulary and it is properly inside my verbal arsenal to deploy such descriptive terms as “woody”, “sublime”, “diesely”, “coma-inducing,” “piney,” and “boggy with grace notes of berry sweetness,” I am not interested in writing about dank buds.

You require somebody who knows his dab mats, from his ice waxes, to his jelly hash to his quartz bangers.

I’m just a humble wordsmith in great overall health with a extremely safe mailbox.

Also, I do not have a marijuana card. At least not but. Not that they’re tough to get.

Did I mention that I speak in my sleep? I hear it is extremely negative. That is what folks are telling me, as Donald Trump would say.

My wife told me the other evening, I mentioned a bunch of items. On a further evening, I knocked a heavy lamp off a bedside table.

I may perhaps have to lay off the late-evening charcuterie. It may perhaps just be that I’m anxiousness-totally free on the outdoors, but suffering from untreated subconscious anxiousness.

Due to the fact Florida legalized healthcare marijuana, the state has noticed an huge outbreak of herbally treated chronic anxiousness, the type that seems to commonly strike young adults in otherwise excellent overall health.

Oh, it is so sad to see so several young folks taking time out from drinking on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach to cease by 1 of the expanding quantity of marijuana dispensaries there.

The debilitating anxiousness weighs heavy in the air. Likely mainly because they want they had a nearby particular person writing competent testimonials of the goods inside.

Effectively, it will not be me. I’m not interested. And I’m also busy lamp buying.

Teeny second query: Though I was tasting a pinot noir the other evening that had a toasty charcoal underpinning with a subtle citrus finish, I was considering about your marijuana reviewer job, and asking yourself:

Is there a stipend for snacks?

[email protected]


This story initially published to, and was shared to other Florida newspapers in the new Gannett Media network.


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