Nine Colorado Dispensaries Problem Mold Recall Just after State Tracking Error


Nine marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have issued recalls more than mold and yeast issues immediately after a software program error in the state Marijuana Enforcement Division’s inventory tracking program displayed incorrect testing status, according to a November 22 announcement from the MED.

The MED, which regulates and enforces Colorado’s pot market, tracks each cannabis plant and solution from seed to sale via METRC marijuana tracking software program. According to the recall notice, a METRC software program update performed between October 21 and November 13 triggered a glitch in the program, resulting in nine contaminated batches of marijuana flower and trim becoming sent to dispensaries about the state.

According to MED spokesperson Shannon Gray, the nine recalled batches of marijuana weren’t the only batches of pot sent out throughout the time the glitch occurred, but they are the only incorrectly labeled batches of plant matter that really failed testing of which the division is conscious.

“Numerous of the licensees caught it themselves. It wasn’t very widespread,” Gray says, adding that she does not know of any other incorrectly labeled marijuana merchandise that failed testing for mold, pesticides or other contaminants.

Right here are the strain names of the failed marijuana merchandise and the dispensaries that sold them, as properly as the tracking quantity for every related develop (which are on each marijuana solution label sold at Colorado dispensaries):

Health-related marijuana
1602 Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs
Failed strain: Blue Dream
Production quantity: 403-01850

Tweed Leaf
5495 North Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs
Failed strain: Blue Dream
Production quantity: 403-01850

Cross Genetics
4902 Smith Road, Denver
Failed strain: 9LB Hammer
Production quantity: 403-01657

Cross Genetics
440 West Evans Avenue, Denver
Failed strain: 9LB Hammer
Production quantity: 403-01657

8270 Razorback Road
Failed strain: Super Lemon Haze
Production quantity: 403-01467

Recreational marijuana
Mighty Tree
2268 South Delaware Street, Denver
Failed strain: Ghost Cake Killah
Production quantity: 403-01657

Organic Options For Well being
6712 South College Avenue, Fort Collins
Failed strain: Grape Ape
Production quantity: 403R-01092

Medical doctors Garden
580 Major Street, Carbondale
Failed strain: Snowball
Production quantity: 403R-00182

Green Dragon
930 West Byers Location, Denver
Failed strain: Snowball Harvest
Production quantity: 403R-00182  


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