Edible Arrangements Unveils CBD Solution Line


The Edible Arrangements organization, nicely-recognized for its fresh fruit arrangements, organic fruit snacks, and dipped treats, has debuted a new line of smoothies and chocolate-dipped fruit infused with hemp-derived, non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD).

The new CBD merchandise are made for Edible Arrangements by Outstanding Edibles which launched earlier this year.

Outstanding Edibles is focused on supplying genuine, traceable CBD from the time it is becoming grown on the hemp farm to when the final item reaches the consumer.

“Consumers are displaying an rising demand for CBD merchandise, and now is the great time for us to make our mark on this flourishing market,” says Edible Arrangements founder and CEO Tariq Farid. “We have generally prided ourselves on our knack for innovation, and we continue to do so with the introduction of new menu innovation for fresh and healthier options. In the case of Outstanding Edibles CBD merchandise, the option we now offer you is higher-high quality, traceable CBD, with a concentrate on ‘Health, Not Higher.’”

Farid launched the Outstanding Edibles brand to turn out to be a leader in providing high quality merchandise for the CBD market, which is projected to turn out to be a profitable multi-billion dollar industry in the coming years.

The new Edible Arrangements hemp-primarily based CBD merchandise have been produced readily available initially to 25 participating places in Dallas-Fort Worth and are projected to be in stock at 200 extra places by the finish of 2019.



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