Dems Assistance Marijuana Mainly because They Want Americans Dumber


At this point, I wonder if Tucker Carlson is extra focused on generating news or generating memes. The Fox News host has now created it his express mission to provide the hottest requires imaginable when it comes to marijuana. So hot that, like the sun, to stare at them also extended will bring about you to go blind.

I urge you to study this swiftly and move on, so that does not occur to you. I repeat: Do not let this take linger in your periphery, or you will endure the consequences.

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Okay, right here it goes. Following the current Democratic presidential debates, Carlson pinpointed why quite a few candidates now help marijuana legalization at the federal level. It has practically nothing to do with marijuana as a medicine, or reversing the harm carried out by the war on drugs. Nope! Carlson believes Dems want you higher all the time, so you do not recognize how poor you are.

“When you have shafted young folks so entirely that they cannot even invest in vehicles, simply because they’re so deeply in debt to colleges that fund your campaign, which is what takes place, you want them to be as higher as probable,” Carlson stated. “That way they do not even know how badly you screwed them.”

Carlson, by the way, took a comparable stance when Congress passed the Secure Banking Act earlier this year. Lawmakers didn’t pass the bill simply because they wanted to give compact marijuana company and corporations the very same benefits and loans other compact companies and corporations use to develop profit in America. Nope. They authorized the legislation simply because they “want you to be dumb” from smoking weed.

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In addition, Carlson blamed America’s current mass shootings on marijuana legalization as properly, attempting to hyperlink smoking marijuana with mass acts of senseless violence. It tends to make you query if Carlson could be higher himself when he says issues like this.


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