Ottawa residents share thoughts on marijuana with council


Marijuana legalization nears closer and closer but Ottawa is nonetheless operating out the facts about exactly where possible marijuana corporations really should be situated.

The City Council met with the Program Commission on Thursday evening to speak about a zoning ordinance for these hunting to sell in the city’s limits, but the crowd of about 25 in attendance had been much more interested in sharing their thoughts of no matter whether it really should be sold at all.

Program Commission Chairman Brent Barron mentioned he reviewed the city’s proposed ordinance and asked for additional clarification more than what zones really should be allowable for possible corporations. In addition, the ordinance states corporations that make the drug have to be kept 1,500 feet away from residential places although dispensaries have to only be 250 feet away. 

Barron recommended a constant quantity for each may possibly be much better.

Marijuana facilities have to also be kept 1,500 feet away from schools, Barron mentioned when asked.

He also recommended wording be incorporated to dictate what the indicators for facilities really should appear like no matter whether it be a vibrant sign or a tiny green cross, as a single of the most significant complaints he’s heard in the previous regards the indicators permitted for slot parlors.

The City Council demands to have an ordinance place with each other just before the new year otherwise if a possible company comes to Ottawa with a creating lease in-hand, they could set up shop someplace that the city is significantly less keen on hosting a marijuana facility.

It is unclear how a lot of possible corporations could open in the location, but Commissioner James Significantly less recommended it could be about 3 for a multi-county area. This quantity would exclude health-related marijuana facilities, such as the currently established PharmaCannis in Ottawa, which automatically qualifies for recreational sale.

Feuding philosophies on marijuana

Program Commissioner Todd Volker was against the ordinance altogether and echoed thoughts he previously shared at a current City Council meeting.

“If you have much more legal marijuana, you are providing much more addiction to Ottawa,” Volker mentioned.

“Even although this may well bring a bit of money infusion to the town at the commence, in the lengthy term taxpayers endure due to the fact it is much more expense in terms of public overall health,” he added.

Retired Ottawa Higher College Teacher Brian Huebner also expressed concern saying it came to the location initially for its “family-friendly” atmosphere.

“To me, this is an appealing town for households and by obtaining shops like that it is going to make us a single of these other areas,” Huebner mentioned.

Mayor Dan Aussem responded to Volker and mentioned the state has currently authorized legalization and these that will most likely use the substance will do so regardless in Ottawa.

“All the items you say, if they take place, they are going to take place in Ottawa regardless of no matter whether or not we have an ordinance restricting exactly where a facility goes,” Aussem mentioned.

Volker disagreed saying much more folks will acquire it if the city has a facility.

Barron attempted to bring the conversation back to the challenges of zoning but other folks continued to express concern with sales in the neighborhood with a single asking if the City Council was currently in help of promoting marijuana.

Aussem mentioned he believed the City Council was unified in enabling the sale of marijuana. No commissioner objected nor expressed a various view in the course of the meeting.

Former Ottawa Commissioner and Police Chief Dale Baxter joined the discussion with his 27 years expertise in law enforcement and mentioned it is a selection adults will have to make for themselves and shouldn’t be any much more damaging to the neighborhood than alcohol.

Baxter was asked how enforcement will be in a position to police the substance and Baxter expects that will not modify from how it is at present carried out.

“People drive below impairment. The majority of that is alcohol which you can test for, but you could be driving and sniffing airplane glue, ‘Is there a test for that?,’ ” Baxter mentioned.

Baxter mentioned police appear for impaired driving indicators and pull an person more than as they do for these who misuse legally prescribed prescriptions, the second most popular substance causing driving impairment.

Ottawa Resident Katie Troccoli was a single of the final to speak who mentioned regardless of the community’s thoughts about working with the drug, the state has created it legal.

“The folks in this neighborhood that are going to use marijuana or are not going to use marijuana are adults and they have the chance to make these exact same choices for themselves and for their youngsters in how they teach them,” Troccoli mentioned.

“Get more than it. The prohibition is gone, we have to deal with an ordinance and how we’re going to deal with it and law enforcement will figure out how they will deal with it,” she added.


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