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Establishing who is a legitimate CBD company and who isn’t is sometimes tricky. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate hemp-based products. That’s why it’s great to see brands like Krypted CBD taking matters into their own hands, and make sure their products are credible and authentic through independent testing.

We’ll be discussing that and much more in this Krypted CBD review, which analyzes this CBD brand, and looks at the potential benefits of their best-selling customers. And keep on reading for a 10% discount code, for use on any product sold at! Now let’s talk CBD.  

Who is Krypted CBD?

Products under the Krypted CBD brand all come under the larger Spectrum Wellness umbrella. This United States manufacturer owns several CBD brands, including Cali’s Best, CBDgo and HEMPgo, in addition to Krypted CBD. Spectrum Wellness started up in 2015, and stocks only the highest-quality CBD products in their selections. Krypted CBD clearly made the cut! 

Krypted products meet Spectrum Wellness’ lofty standards for potency and purity. And we don’t need to take their word for it! A full list of recent, detailed third-party lab reports are available for all Krypted CBD products, for potential customers to peruse. 

As an example, the OG Kush 1000mg Krypted CBD e-liquid was checked over by Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs. They found this product had just a shade under 1000mg of CBD. And not forgetting, these vape juices have beneficial and unique terpene profiles, which level up the effects. 

Does Krypted CBD have THC?

Krypted CBD products, like all hemp-based products in the USA, must have no more than 0.3 percent THC. This is in keeping with the regulations set by the 2014 Farm Bill, and updated in the 2018 version. As such Krypted CBD products contain pure CBD extracts with no THC. These are technically enhanced CBD-isolate products, with non-intoxicating terpenes thrown in.

Rest assured, you can’t get ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ from these products. CBD does not cause hallucinations or delusions, increase appetite, induce euphoria or affect short-term memory. Nor will you pop a drug test from using Krypted CBD products. Drug tests screening for marijuana use are only looking to detect THC, as it’s a psychoactive substance.

CBD has limited side effects, although you may get sleepy from a really large dose. Always check with your doctor if planning on mixing CBD products with your current medication, as CBD does affect the metabolization rate of certain drugs. There are no laws against driving after a dose of CBD, although use common sense, like you would after taking any other substance.

Krypted CBD Review 

Cannabidiol (CBD’s) benefits are still somewhat mysterious, although they are becoming clearer by the year. Since finding the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the 1990s, scientists have been able to dig much deeper into the exact reactions CBD generates in the body. This has led to studies showing CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-anxiety value, neuroprotective qualities and more. 

Not to mention, the widespread availability of hemp-based products such as Krypted CBD’s has given us a glimpse of what people use CBD for. Matching up with the known benefits, CBD is taken as a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, stress and arthritis. It’s also used to alleviate chronic pain, fibromyalgia and migraines. 

As of November 2019, the FDA has not confirmed much about CBD. However, a series of clinical trials on CBD’s anti-seizure effects culminated in the approval of a CBD-based drug for epilepsy in 2018. 

Remember that Krypted CBD products are not medicines. You should consult a doctor before using CBD, and particularly if planning on taking it alongside pharmaceutical drugs. CBD is a supplement growing in popularity, however, and millions of Americans claim they are benefitting from it! Now we’ve got a backdrop to CBD, let’s look at exactly what Krypted CBD has to offer. 

Krypted CBD Dab Chips

These Dab Chips are a concentrated form of CBD-isolate. Every 1g tub of hemp isolate contains a shade under 1000mg, a sign of extremely high purity. Dab Chips are emboldened with natural, plant-based terpenes, for flavor and extra effects.

The most common way of using Dab Chips is by dabbing (vaping) them on a dab rig. This is the fastest way to absorb the CBD and terpenes. However, Dab Chips also work when dissolved into hot beverages, and even when applied under the tongue. The latter two are really convenient if you’re constantly busy, and need a discreet and efficient CBD product which delivers potent effects. 

OG Kush: Terpenes in this isolate boost relaxation, and help improve mood. OG Kush has a mellow flavor, and is effective if afflicted with pain or anxiety. The effects are also great for simply unwinding after a testing day. However, because of the calming properties, the OG Kush isn’t as suited for daytime consumption. But if you’re ready to chill out, go for it! 

Sour Diesel: In stark contrast, Sour Diesel terpenes are associated with higher energy levels, reduced stress and generally positive cerebral effects. These Dab Chips are great for lifting a low mood, stimulating appetite and even reducing pain. Sour Diesel is most effective early in the day. Taking it in the evening may make it more difficult to sleep. 

Sunset Watermelon: These fruity Dab Chips are extremely relaxing, thanks to the smattering of indica terpenes. As such, Sunset Watermelon is ideal for quelling pain, and putting stress and anxiety to the sword. Battling insomnia? A few hits of this concentrate may just do the trick! And with the refreshing and delightful flavor, you’ll always enjoy vaping Sunset Watermelon Dab Chips.

Krypted CBD Vape Juices

E-liquids represent a more conventional way of vaporizing CBD. Krypted CBD Vape Juices have the same blend of CBD-isolate extract and naturally-occurring terpenes. These vape juices consist of a USP, kosher-grade base. 

Each e-liquid comes in a 30ml Chubby Gorilla bottles, which have child safety caps. They contain either 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg CBD (8.3mg, 16.7mg and 33.3mg per ml). These vape juices come in six flavors – the three mentioned in the Dab Chips section, and also Strawberry Lemonade, White Peach and Mango. 

Add vape juice to a tank, or an empty cartridge or JUUL-compatible pod. Applying under the tongue (sublingual absorption) is nearly as effective, and has no adverse health risks. 


250mg (8.3mg/ml): The 250mg vape juice brings out CBD’s focus-enhancing and wakefulness effects. Studies suggest CBD’s stimulating properties shine only with low dosages, which makes this a great way of experiencing them. Small dosages are also recommended for new CBD users and first-time vapers. It’s best to get familiar with CBD first before jumping up to higher strengths. 

500mg (16.7mg/ml): This heftier serving is good if you’re looking for pain relief without tiredness. The effects won’t be too sedating, but will help to deal with discomfort and also anxiety, while keeping you mentally alert and physically active. CBD newbies who want the relaxation may wish to start with this strength, and choose an indica e-liquid. 

1000mg (33.3mg/ml): The strongest vape juice in the Krypted CBD range is for regular users, who love the stronger dosages. Perhaps you’re in a lot of pain, and need fast and potent relief. Or maybe you have intense and acute symptoms of another condition. Importantly, with this vape juice, you’ll start getting powerful relief in seconds. 


Strawberry Lemonade: A cross between Strawberry and Lemon OG, Strawberry Lemonade terpenes are punchy and boast sativa-like effects. As expected, the flavor is a mixture of strawberry and lemon. Like any sativa, Strawberry Lemonade is energizing and boosts creativity, but users also note the focus and calm they get from this vape juice. 

White Peach: Another fresh and fruity e-liquid, the White Peach vape juice from Krypted CBD is good for all your CBD needs. Let the pain wash away with a few hits on this e-liquid, and also pick up some anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and mood-boosting effects along the way. If you want a light and tasty vape juice you can keep drawing on throughout the day, you may have found the perfect product in White Peach.

Mango: This is a fruity and punchy Krypted CBD Vape Juice, with a set of terpenes that people have been enjoying since the 1960s. This is an age-old strain, although this Krypted product is totally non-psychoactive. Mango has lots of calming myrcene, a terpene that lowers anxiety and may have analgesic properties. The effects promote happiness, relaxation and may be just the tonic for insomnia. 

Krypted CBD Vape Additive Booster

krypted cbd vape juiceTake your CBD vaping experience to the next level with the Krypted CBD Additive Booster. This is a flavorless e-liquid designed for adding to other e-liquids for a CBD kick. You could mix this with a CBD e-liquid, or combine it with a nicotine vape juice to combine the benefits. And while flavorless, this vape additive is just as effective when taken on its own. 

The Krypted Vape Additive contains 500mg of CBD-isolate, has no vitamin E acetate and is THC-free. The hemp extract is blended into propylene glycol, an often-used vaping carrier oil. With just 3ml of e-liquid in all, this vape additive booster has a whopping 166.7mg of CBD per ml. That’s enough to give any CBD vape juice a real kick! 

As with all CBD e-liquids, the Krypted Booster may be enjoyed under the tongue. These sublingual effects, where the CBD is absorbed by mucous membranes, is much more efficient than when CBD is orally consumed. It’s also a suitable way of dosing CBD for all age groups. 

Can I travel with Krypted CBD?

The law is confusing on CBD and hemp products, but the bottom line is that you can travel with Krypted CBD products. Federal law takes priority when travelling from state-to-state, and hemp-based CBD is legal, according to Washington legislation. Krypted CBD products meet regulations set by the Farm Bill, that hemp-based products must have less than 0.3% THC. 

Krypted CBD products are fairly discreet, although the terpenes will have a weed-like aroma to some degree. If intending on flying with Krypted CBD, either use the Dab Chips or Vape Juice under the tongue or in a hot beverage. This way, you keep the smell to a minimum, while still getting all that CBD goodness. Taking CBD on a flight may help if you suffer from flying anxiety, or pain and discomfort due to a lack of space.

Krypted CBD coupon code 

We’re delighted that you’re checking out our blog. We’ve designed this section of our site to be your go-to stop for all things CBD. Perhaps you want to know about a particular type of product, or maybe you want to hear more about a brand like Krypted CBD. Or are you looking for the latest news about the hemp and CBD industry? Whatever it is, we have it covered! And that’s not all, we want to thank you for taking the time to get educated about CBD!

Here’s a 10% discount code that you can use for Krypted CBD products, and any others sold at save10. Enter this code into the ‘Coupon Code’ box, and click ‘Apply Coupon’ when checking out. Confirm the discount has been applied before completing your order. This special offer is open to all our CBD customers! And we would really appreciate it if you left a product review!

Final thoughts

Krypted CBD are a super impressive brand, and it’s clear that Spectrum Wellness are dedicated in bringing Americans quality CBD. Their stringent selection process and commitment to third-party lab-testing instils lots of confidence in an industry where companies must go the extra mile to earn it. 

The CBD-isolate products are pure, and more effective than many concentrates because of the terpenes. This also makes them brilliant for targeted relief. Meanwhile, Krypted has a broad selection of vape juices, with varying strengths and flavors. And not forgetting the vape additive booster, an unusual product that is fantastic for amping up your CBD experience.

Thank you for reading our Krypted CBD review. Have you already tried products from this brand? Let us know how you got on in the comments!


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