Weed smokers living in Quebec are about to see substantially reduced rates in the legal industry. Beginning tomorrow, cannabis enterprise HEXO is rolling out a new line of ultra-inexpensive flower.

Eventually, the new item line will give Canadians a possibility to obtain bigger quantities of weed. Moreover, the weed will be sold at super-low rates that function out to be much less than $five per gram.

HEXO Introduces “Original Stash”

The new line of flower from HEXO is referred to as Original Stash. According to a press release from the enterprise, Original Stash will come in a single-ounce packages.

That is a marked distinction from conventional weed sales, which usually sell in smaller sized eighth-ounce quantities.

The new line of smokable flower is not only focused on promoting in bigger packages. It will also provide substantially reduced rates than these usually observed in the legal industry. Especially, HEXO will sell the a single-ounce packages of flower for $125.70, which includes sales tax. That performs out to $four.49 per gram.

For now, HEXO will commence with a hybrid sativa strain. The enterprise calls this pilot strain OS.210. And HEXO reports that the strain comes in at 12-18 % THC.

Attempting to Undercut the Illegal Industry

HEXO created this new line of dried flower mostly to compete with—and eventually undercut—the illegal marijuana industry. The enterprise mentioned that the value point was calculated to compete with black industry rates.

“It is becoming increasingly hard for the typical customer to distinguish items that are legal, versus these that are not,” HEXO CEO and co-founder Sebastien St-Louis mentioned in the press release. “Our aim with Original Stash is to disrupt the illicit industry, educate customers about the worth of a regulated and tested item, and drive them to obtain their cannabis legally.”

He added: “We’re now competing straight with the illicit industry and delivering customers with an inexpensive, controlled, top quality item. Additionally, we are providing customers the choice of much less packaging in a 1 oz format, which we know is a priority for so a lot of.”

Buyers May Not Know They’re Shopping for Illegal Weed

Recreational marijuana has been legal in all of Canada for more than a year now. In spite of this, surveys show that a lot of Canadians nonetheless obtain illegal weed.

Having said that, in a lot of situations, customers may possibly not know they’re shopping for from illegal sources. According to HEXO, a lot of illicit items have the similar packaging as legal items. Additional, a lot of illicit sellers use property delivery solutions and sites that appear reputable.

Current surveys located that roughly 20 % of people today who obtain weed from an illegal web page had no thought it was not a legal supply.

Equivalent trends exist for edibles and topicals. In truth, a complete third of Canadians who purchased illegal edibles or subjects have been unaware they have been getting from illicit sources.

“Illegal cannabis sites are effectively constructed, enable customers to obtain on the web, and items are delivered to their doors,” St-Louis mentioned. “But we know that illegal cannabis items can—and often—contain heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants, and that issues me deeply.”

For now, HEXO’s Original Stash will launch in Quebec initially. The enterprise mentioned the item is set to roll out across Canada at some point in the future.