Which Weed Vape Is The Greatest?


Style and Characteristics

Volcano Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid vs Mighty Design and Features
The style of the Mighty (left) has stood the test of time, when the style of the Volcano Hybrid (appropriate) was perfected with the extremely initial Volcano vaporizer.

The Volcano Hybrid has the familiar pyramid style of the earlier Volcano models, which is fine for the reason that it worked genuinely effectively for them then and it nevertheless operates now. Even so, there have been important upgrades that make it a a lot more 21st-century solution. The most noticeable is the new touch interface that replaces the buttons, dials, and knobs of earlier models. It provides the Hybrid a good smooth appear although it does lack the feedback that you get from buttons and knobs. It is produced from metal like the earlier Volcano models which suggests that it is extremely sturdy.

The Hybrid is the most complicated of the 3 vapes right here for the reason that it has two distinct inhalation approaches: a bag and a whip. That also tends to make it the most versatile and versatile vaporizer right here. Adding to the flexibility, versatility, and yes, complexity, of the Hybrid are its two app-controlled modes, iterations and workflows. Each of them enable you to use the app to set custom heating and inhalation schedules. They enable you to make fascinating profiles that deliver varying levels of flavor and potency. It sounds complex but the app tends to make it straightforward for you to experiment. 


The Mighty has a finned style that is terrific at dissipating heat.

The Mighty, like the Volcano Hybrid, is produced by Storz & Bickel and it capabilities their customary higher excellent. It may well not look like it would at initial for the reason that it is produced of challenging plastic, but that plastic is extremely sturdy so your Mighty will final for a extremely lengthy time. The plastic housing has a finned style that dissipates heat and keeps the Mighty cool. Yet another terrific style function is the swiveling mouthpiece it can be conveniently folded away and when it is extended and it feels fantastic when inhaling from it. 

The Mighty has analog controls and a digital show so that you have precise temperature handle. It is the only one particular of the 3 vapes right here that does not have a smartphone app, but it does not require one particular. That provides it a lot more user-friendliness and comfort for the reason that you do not require a second device to access any of its capabilities. The Mighty is the most old-college vape right here, which proves that often the old college is the greatest college.

Pax three

Pax 3 Kit
The completely loaded Pax three kit involves 3 distinct oven lids (bottom appropriate) for a complete load, half load, and wax concentrates.

The Pax three is one particular of the a lot more fashionable vapes on the market place thanks to its minimalist style. Like the Volcano Hybrid, it eschews any buttons or knobs so that the device maintains a smooth surface. As opposed to the Hybrid, the Pax three does not have a touch interface. Alternatively, you either move the Pax three about or press down on the mouthpiece to handle most of its functions. Even so, the Pax three has a lot of functions and you require the smartphone app to handle numerous of them. That involves the many heating profiles—called dynamic modes, plus you can use the app to customize the user interface.

The Pax three is produced from anodized aluminum that appears terrific and is fairly sturdy to boot. The minimalism of the Pax three style extends to the show, which just consists of 4 petals on its face. These petals convey a surprising quantity of info but they are not as intuitive as a typical digital show. When it comes to accessories, the Pax three is a lot more maximalist for the reason that it has a lot of them. The kit involves two distinct mouthpieces and 3 distinct ovens, which is a lot more than you see in most vaporizers, even in this cost variety.

Cleaning and Upkeep

Volcano Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid vs Mighty Cleaning and Maintenance
The Mighty and the Hybrid are each produced by German enterprise Storz & Bickel and they each seldom require cleaning.

The Hybrid is fairly straightforward to clean for the reason that you just require to be concerned about the screen and filling chamber. Each of them can be simply cleaned utilizing the incorporated cleaning brush to dust off any residue. As for the balloons and tubes, they require to be replaced, rather than cleaned, when they get also dirty to use. On the one particular hand, their disposability tends to make them upkeep-cost-free, but on the other hand, you do require to obtain new vaping accessories each and every handful of weeks. That adds an further expense to the currently pricey Hybrid, one particular that the other vapes right here do not have to be concerned about.


The Mighty is the easiest vape of the 3 to keep. In reality, it barely demands any upkeep at all. You only require to clean the oven chamber, which is rapid and straightforward with the incorporated cleaning brush. You also require to clean the cooling unit, which involves the mouthpiece, each and every handful of weeks. But if even that minimal quantity of cleaning is also a great deal for you, then you can replace the complete cooling unit as an alternative, which is fairly economical.

Pax three

The Pax three is the most labor-intensive of the 3 devices right here. That is for the reason that the mouthpiece, vapor path, and oven all require to be cleaned individually. Carrying out so demands a wide set of supplies that involves cleaning wipes, pipe cleaners, and a lot more. You do not have to clean the Pax three also typically, but when you do, it is greatest if you set aside some time to do it.

Longevity and Reliability

Volcano Hybrid

The Hybrid is the newest vaporizer right here so I can not inform you how lengthy it will final just but, but if the earlier Volcano models are any indication, it will be a extremely lengthy time. That is for the reason that these older models nevertheless function completely, and because the Hybrid has the very same standard style as them, it is a protected bet to count on the very same.

Warranty – three years


The Mighty is the oldest vape right here and it is nevertheless going sturdy following all these years. It could not have the flash of the many dry herb vaporizers that came following it, but it can beat any of them when it comes to durability.

Warranty – two years

Pax three

The Pax three is produced from anodized aluminum so it is a fairly hard tiny device. It has been out for a when and it nevertheless operates as effectively as it did when it was new. So, you will in no way have to be concerned that it will crap out on you following utilizing it a handful of instances. Plus, that lengthy warranty should really give you some safety.

Warranty – 10 years

Battery and Charging

Volcano Hybrid

The Hybrid does not use a battery so it is exempt from this category.


The Mighty has one particular of the longest-lasting batteries of any handheld as it is capable of lasting for almost two and a half hours, handful of other handhelds come close. Even greater is the reality that it charges up in only ninety minutes, and obtaining the vaping time final longer than the charge time is generally a terrific ratio.

Pax three

The Pax three can final for ninety minutes, which is about the typical for vaporizers this size, and that is fantastic sufficient for close to ten sessions. Recharge time is also about ninety minutes, which, once more, is about typical for vaporizers this size. The Pax three has a fairly strong battery life, but it can not match the larger Mighty.

Vapor High quality

Volcano Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid vs Mighty Vapor Quality
Each the Mighty (left) and the Volcano Hybrid (appropriate) make some of the greatest vapor in their respective categories.

The Hybrid simply has the greatest vapor excellent of the 3 vaporizers right here, granted it does have a handful of positive aspects more than them. For one particular, the reality that it is a desktop suggests that it is a lot a lot more effective than they are. It also has a convection/conduction hybrid heating method that vapes the herb to perfection. There are also the delivery approaches because each whips and balloons deliver cool, flavorful vapor. You undoubtedly can not discount the smartphone app, which provides customers the choice of utilizing iterations or workflows to minutely customize the vaping encounter to a degree the other two vapes right here can’t match. All of these qualities imply that the Hybrid is untouchable when it comes to vapor excellent.


The Mighty has exceptional vapor excellent for the reason that it also makes use of a hybrid conduction/convection heating method. It produces good-tasting vapor and decent clouds as effectively. Accessing that vapor is straightforward also for the reason that of the low draw resistance, and greatest of all, the flavor stays constant the entire time that you are vaping. All round, the Mighty has some of the greatest vapor excellent out of all handheld vaporizers.

Pax three

The vapor excellent of the Pax three is rather fantastic, at least for the initial couple of draws. The flavor tends to trail off as you vape, which suggests the final handful of hits are not as fantastic as the initial handful of. The potential to pick out from many heating profiles is a good touch but it does not influence the vapor excellent in any big game-altering way. Also, the mouthpiece and vapor can get a tiny warm following extended use. The Pax three supplies good vapor for a transportable but it is at the back of the pack in this hard crowd.


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