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THE POLITICIAN IS OBSOLETE! THEY DO NOT UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION! MILLIONS are wasted yearly on TV ADS to get POLITICIANS elected to allow them to get RICH whereas “FREE” American patriots ROTT IN PRISON as a result of they caught their necks out to defend OUR RIGHTS! When LESS than $10,000 can begin a CAMP which sustains 30 PATRIOTS or MORE, LIVING FREE, WHY would you spend your LIBERTY DOLLAR doing something apart from SETTING UP YOUR OWN LOCAL #PatriotCamp?

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CALLING ALL PATRIOTS! It is time EXPOSE INJUSTICE and assist #MAGA by organising #PatriotCamps to #DefendTheConstitution! Patriots will RIDE to your RESCUE with CLIPBOARDS and CAMERAS, saving you THOUSANDS of {dollars}, months or years in jail, the THEFT of ALL your PERSONAL BELONGINGS (since you had been in jail) and RESTORING your LIBERTY to PURSUE your HAPPINESS AS WAS GUARANTEED by these servants who’ve RUN AMOK! How briskly good Patriots can reply will depend on the SIZE of the PATRIOT911 NETWORK!

WHEN YOU NEED THEM: Will or not it’s hours, minutes, months, years or NEVER? The selection is as much as you! SPREAD this channel on all of your social media, promote it in your radio reveals, let folks know that WE, the PEOPLE have ALWAYS had the ability and it is about time we began instantly exercising our AUTHORITY, earlier than we WAKE UP HOMELESS on the CONTINENT our FOREFATHERS CONQUERED, as a STARTLING variety of Individuals ALREADY HAVE!

Learn Vince Edwards ebook: “I am Leaving Civilization, Wanna Come With Me?” to learn how the world REALLY works!

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