Black Diamond Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]


A diamond has lengthy been thought of to be a girl’s greatest pal, the ideal gemstone to accompany her life and make her really feel sophisticated. In numerous approaches, diamonds themselves represent a sense of possession and gleeful pride, anything that you just cannot obtain in any other way.

The marijuana neighborhood constantly finds a way to spend homage to all items gorgeous, and breeders have managed to build 1 diamond of a strain that you will be proud to show off: Black Diamond.

Black Diamond is a effective hybrid strain with indica leanings that exist to build these exclusive feelings of joyful, pleasant feelings linked with owning anything particular anything that is just for you.

Let’s take a appear at this exclusive strain and uncover precisely what it is that tends to make it so particular.

What is the Black Diamond Strain?

Black Diamond is an indica-leaning hybrid that was initially bred from a mix amongst Blackberry and Diamond OG, two classic strains effectively recognized for their pungent flavor and aroma.

The crucial factor about Black Diamond is its insane quantity of THC, as effectively as its profoundly noticeable effects.

The higher of the Black Diamond strain is oddly subtle, taking hold speedily however devoid of a terrific deal of introduction. Count on to really feel an odd weightlessness and gentle feeling in your limbs, as effectively as an overwhelming sensation of peacefulness and serenity.

There is this temptation that speedily sets in, causing you to attempt and sit down someplace comfy – if you attempt Black Diamond although out someplace unfamiliar, you will be quickly tempted to head dwelling as speedily as doable. The relaxing feeling that requires more than will have you heading dwelling to get as comfy as doable. Absolutely nothing will be in a position to quit you from winding down.

Due to the higher quantity of THC inherent in this strain, Black Diamond has been recognized to trigger feelings of hallucinogenic effects, such as the paint on the walls searching like it is shimmering, along with some mild sound amplification. This usually only happens if you smoke a lot of it, but it can be really pleasant to expertise as lengthy as you are expecting it.

As the higher progresses, your gentle calm will create into a surprising giddiness, causing huge bursts of laughter at strangely unfunny items. Your physique will really feel intensely powerful however equally mellow, providing you the sensation of restlessness and power, all although not truly getting in a position to get up and do significantly.

Black Diamond is an exceptional instance of a accurate stoner’s higher, leaving you feeling, not really tired, but extremely mellow and reluctant to get up.

In the similar way that diamonds are recognized as a woman’s greatest pal, Black Diamond has also been recognized as the couple’s greatest pal, due to its mood-enhancing and aphrodisiac properties numerous couples obtain this strain searching to share it collectively.

Towards the finish of the higher, the indica components completely kick in and induce a fairly powerful feeling of sleepiness, drifting towards common sedative qualities that will ultimately leave you lying gently down on a pillow and snoring fitfully.

What about its actual flavor and aroma although? Is it is as impressive as its parent strains?


The initial aroma of the Black Diamond strain is strongly berry-like, reminiscent of its Blackberry parentage. On the other hand, as an alternative of the effective acidity and tartness of Blackberry, Black Diamond has an underlying element of earthiness that smells wealthy, vibrant and effective.

On breaking up the buds, there is this similar flavor that hits the nose, but it is somehow additional profound and additional pronounced, rather like browned sugar or nuts. This is the strain that smells practically wealthy and mahogany-like, although not truly getting woody – it is possibly 1 of the closest marijuana strains readily available to a fine Cuban cigar.

The aroma is oddly particular in its flavors, however nonetheless indescribable devoid of possessing smelled it, top other seasoned marijuana smokers to develop into convinced that you are not really smoking marijuana at all.

What about its flavor, nevertheless? Is it just the similar deep, wealthy notes, only on your tongue?


The smoke of the Black Diamond strain is initially really like its aroma’s profile, providing a slightly burned toffee undercutting to the overwhelming berry flavor on your palate. On the other hand, the smoke is far smoother and gentler than may possibly be anticipated, with such pronounced flavors feeling extremely like the drag of a smooth, incredibly pricey cigar.

On the exhale, the flavor is related to its initial aroma, although the notes of mahogany and fine, hardwood get additional pronounced, somewhat oaky and all round additional pronounced flavors.

There really is not a lot of the Diamond OG in its flavor, as an alternative of borrowing significantly additional heavily from its Blackberry parentage.

On the other hand, it is not just the flavor and aroma that set this strain apart from the rest – Black Diamond also has a extremely exciting look as effectively.


The flowers of the Black Diamond strain have a extremely exciting high quality, in that as an alternative of the typical look of most marijuana plants, their flowers are as an alternative strangely lengthy and curling, practically searching totally like a flat circle. This causes buds that mimic their look, with a extremely dense structure that is practically hard to break up.

To go along with these uniquely strange flowers, Black Diamond’s leaves are from time to time dotted with violent gashes of purple, although these only show themselves if the plant is reared in especially cold climate.

Ultimately, like all other powerful marijuana strains, Black Diamond is coated in a thick gloss of white trichomes that are each sticky and resilient, producing this strain’s buds an practically challenge to attempt and pry open.

If you extremely significantly want your Black Diamond to possess this particular purple streak, then you want to make certain that you get your Black Diamond from a grower that has grown it adequately. By far the greatest way to do that is to attempt and develop it oneself.

Black Diamond Strain Develop Information

Sadly for these searching to develop their personal Black Diamond, there are no commercially readily available seeds due to the genetic cloning nature of the Black Diamond strain. If you want to attempt and develop your personal Black Diamond, you want to come across a grower prepared to give you 1 of his or her cuttings.

If you do handle to get your hands on a clipping of Black Diamond, you can develop it either indoors or outdoors, based on your wants. Just try to remember that, if you are searching for these purple swathes of colour, then you want to make certain that you adequately introduce cold climate into its vegetative state.

If increasing indoors, you can turn on the AC and blast it with cold air, about six-7 degrees Celsius, for a couple of hours at nighttime. If you can only develop it outdoors, you are out of luck unless you get extremely cold nighttimes.

Black Diamond has a tendency to develop really bushy and not create significantly height, related in style to numerous other indicas, so make certain you are regularly topping it and trimming any unnecessary leaves that would seek to obfuscate any of the plant away from the valuable sunlight that it wants to create healthful buds.

You do not truly want any particular feeding or other guidelines to develop your personal Black Diamond, other than producing certain that it stays in the 70+ Fahrenheit temperature variety, except for when you are blasting it with cold air.

After you have got your Black Diamond harvested and completely dried so as to preserve its gorgeous mix of white trichomes, what sort of THC content material can you anticipate?

THC Content material – Highest Test

Black Diamond is a strain with a reputation to uphold of getting 1 of the strongest doable marijuana strains out there. Devised completely about the thought of producing an certainly killer strain, Black Diamond was bred to include about 21% THC content material on typical, with the highest reported level sitting comfortably about 24%.

This tends to make Black Diamond a potent strain, 1 that quickly has the capacity to induce substantial hallucinogenic-like effects when overused. Make certain you are cautious with your Black Diamond dosage, as this strain can you have you really actually climbing the wall if you are not cautious.

With such a potent strain, you may possibly be expecting it to have extremely tiny CBD content material alongside its 24% THC levels.

CBD Content material – Highest Test

Sadly, you would be certainly right as with most incredibly potent marijuana strains with THC levels above 20%, Black Diamond has practically no CBD to speak of whatsoever.

Although a couple of person samples may possibly report quantities approaching 1% or a tiny bit greater, there is sadly extremely tiny CBD content material at all in Black Diamond. There is only so significantly area readily available for cannabinoid production in an typical marijuana plant, so CBD is commonly what suffers.

Fortunately although, there are nonetheless a lot of other valuable medicinal effects of the Black Diamond strain, even although it has such tiny CBD.

Healthcare Positive aspects of the Black Diamond Strain

Black Diamond is pretty standard in its healthcare effects, mainly due to the truth that when any unique marijuana strain gets sufficient THC, they begin to have the similar effects.

The most prevalent healthcare use of the Black Diamond strain is to assist combat problems arising from a substantial quantity of anxiety, in particular with regard to battling insomnia. Due to its huge mood lifting properties and its propensity to encourage full and total relaxation and uncomplicated going feelings, Black Diamond is ideal for overcoming these unpleasant irritations that stick with you all through the day right after you have had a stressful encounter.

For these that struggle to get to sleep at evening, Black Diamond is exceptional for ultimately lulling you into a gentle sleep it is worth noting, nevertheless, that the sleepiness developed by Black Diamond is not like some other soporific strains that utterly knock you out. With Black Diamond, you will fall into sleep additional gracefully, taking a couple of hours to gradually come down and develop into additional gently tired till, ultimately, your eyes close shut for the evening.

A single other extremely prevalent impact of the Black Diamond strain is a huge intensity of the munchies. For these that struggle with lack of appetite, either as a outcome of an consuming disorder or for the reason that of a reaction to medication, like anti-cancer medication, Black Diamond can be a literal lifesaver in how significantly it tends to make you want to devour every single crumb of meals that comes into your attain.

Ultimately, the higher THC content material of Black Diamond tends to make it terrific for tackling each Depression and problems arising from chronic discomfort – if you come across oneself battling with oneself mentally, or if your physique appears determined to drive you insane with discomfort, then Black Diamond may possibly be the ideal strain for you.

Of course, as with all marijuana strains, there are going to be a couple of damaging side effects.

Probable Side Effects of the Black Diamond Strain

By far the most clear and anticipated side impact of Black Diamond is the standard dry mouth and dry eyes that stick to practically every single single marijuana strain in existence. On the other hand, the intensity is significantly stronger with Black Diamond, necessitating you to preserve a glass of water and possibly even a damp dish towel on hand to assist fight off the unpleasant dryness.

The subsequent most generally reported side impact is an improve of paranoia this is in particular most likely to occur if you currently have a propensity to paranoid thoughts, or if you are an incredibly frequent smoker.

It is worth noting that any paranoid feelings that accompany your Black Diamond higher are basically a outcome of taking far as well significantly Black Diamond at when, so the greatest way to combat this is to make certain you do not ever take additional Black Diamond than you know you are capable of.

As lengthy as you only smoke what is sufficient to get you higher or to treat your healthcare situation, you need to be certainly fine.

Final Thoughts on the Black Diamond Strain

Black Diamond is a bit of a strange strain, as it has the qualities of an in particular powerful indica strain however possesses the initial effects of a fairly typical sativa. Furthermore, it has the flavor profile of an in particular fine cigar, rather than the hybrid marijuana strain that it really is.

Black Diamond tastes and feels like it need to be far, far additional pricey than it really is – like it is some sort of pricey, luxury item that only the fanciest and most affluent of us could ever afford.

On the other hand, Black Diamond is just like any other strain, if possibly a tiny bit additional hard to come across due to its lack of commercially readily available seeds.

If you are searching for an amazingly powerful, however somehow incredibly smooth smoke that comes with a effective, mellowed higher, all although encouraging you to stuff your face and then fall asleep, Black Diamond is the absolute ideal strain for you.

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